Picture this:
Fathers, Sons and Brothers warming up for their big game.
Grandfathers, Grandmothers, Mothers, Wives and Girlfriends setting up chairs and picnic blankets for a sunny day on the
lush green field. Can you smell the fresh air? Take off your shoes and let your bare feet be grounded with the country earth.
Grandchildren and children playing in the background. Did you hear the whistle blow? Time to rush out onto the field to
dance, cartwheel and practise that perfect conversion over the goal posts during that wait between halves and games.
Mates catching up with mates... every age in every direction.
This is what we have witnessed for generations out at the Orara Valley footy fields. From Coffs CBD, a 20 minute picturesque
drive West just past Coramba.
We want to share this with you and your family. We want to hear your stories and watch your family grow. We want to train
your boys and show them that footy isn’t just about winning a game, it is about being there for your mates, working as a team
and enjoying a healthy lifestyle with those you love and meet along the way.
We want to cheer with pride and hear your family name echo through the Valley we call home.
You don’t have to be a footy player to call yourself an Axeman. All it takes is a love of the game and breathtaking atmosphere.
Give us a bell, send us an email or come and join a Pre 2014 season training session to make some lifelong mates!

Don’t be a stranger, be an Axeman!